Winch & 2 x Reels

$5,000 plus GST

Winch is in very good condition as only used for a short period offshore and has been in storage in Nelson ever since.

Additional information


Built by Pace Engineering Ltd, New Plymouth, 2014.
125cm high; 115 cm deep; 93 cm wide


As well as the winch, there are two reels (one on the winch and a spare).
100 cm diameter; 65 cm wide (across front); 59 cm wide across drum (width where cable would be spooled); 29 cm from drum to edge of reel (i.e. 29 cm of height for cable to be spooled)


Winch originally built for a project with an oil and gas company in NZ to store and deploy some of our acoustic recording equipment. The winch has been over engineered to meet oil and gas specifications and has lifting points. The winch currently does not have a motor but can be easily set up for either hydraulic or electric operation.