Steel Trawler



Steel Trawler built Sweden 1985, Lengthened 1993.

Length OA 19.55m – Registered Length 17m

Breadth 6m

Draft 3.8m

Main Engine – 4 year old Scania from brand new  estimated hours around 17,000.

Fishroom Capacity easily holds 900 cases of fish all nicely squared off.

Priced at $900,000 + gst will own this fine vessel.

This vessel is dollar for dollar,  tow for tow,  fuel burn for fuel burn,  arguably the best 60 footer that I know of in the New Zealand Fishing Industry.

F V Claymore is a very user friendly vessel with a semi-covered trawl deck with easy access to  net roller for the 120ft wing trawl and an easy fish-room product access.