Luncheon/dinner cruise – sightseeing vessel

As a purpose built dining and sightseeing vessel, the vessel has been designed to operate to 10 knots on smooth waters, providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience for the customer.


Lying Sydney.

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34.88m x 10.02m x 2.00m


1989, steel construction, Carrington Slipways, Newcastle, Australia .

Main engines

2 x Yanmar S165T .


2 x Yanmar YX180 .

Power generation

2 x Yanmar 6HA-TN 150 PH 125KVA .

Operating speed

10 knots.


The vessel comprises 4 separate fully serviced dining rooms; a lower deck ablutions area, a mid aft deck outdoor space and a large open-air sundeck. The vessel has a purpose built catering galley with the appropriate level of cool room, freezing, cooking and storage facility. Catering is for 220 seated and 375 cocktails.


Australian 1D (partially smooth waters) 312 persons, 1E(smooth waters) 465 persons.

Vessel has been properly serviced and maintained under Australian Domestic Vessel Standards (USL/NSCV) and has been operated within a highly competitive market. The standards of passenger comfort and services are extremely high.

Last dry docked June 2017.