Truckable cutter suction dredge


A smaller port dredge and associated equipment with available design specifications, maintenance logs, etc and a trailer-mounted auxiliary pump that can be used in association with the dredge to increase the pumping distance to 1,200m metres.

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Length overall 9.00m, Beam 2.90m, Depth 1.20m. Currently fitted with detachable 0.60m wide buoyancy pontoons.


Launceston, Tasmania, 2003


Ideal for the pumping of slurry and free moving sandy materials over distances of 400 metres and above.

Maritime New Zealand Registration

Exempt from Maritime New Zealand survey regulations due to being un-propelled, compliant with MNZ stability guidelines.

Hull / Body

Semi-catamaran box hull with swim bows. Full steel construction, 5mm plate thickness, with a flat bottom, faired swim bows and square transom .


Gardner 6LX, 110hp non-marinised motor in excellent condition.


Warmann 8/6 SC pump linked directly to the Gardner through a clutch system, no gearing.


11m steel piping mounted in a collapsible frame.

Cutter Heads

Two; rotary cutter head and auger head for an 11 m cutter arm providing for dredging to a depth of 6 metres.


Anchor winches, cutter head winch, spud winch in good condition. Hydraulics recently overhauled.


4 x deep cycle batteries providing 24V power, charged when the Gardner is running and through a solar panel when not in use.

Other on board equipment

4 x anchors on hydraulic winches, 12V bilge pumps, primer pump, enclosed cab, sounder, radio.


Non self-propelled, previously fitted with 300hp Suzuki outboard, mounting bracket still in situ.

Pipe Work

Approx. 1,200m of 140mm ID plastic pipe.

Auxiliary Pump

A 6 cylinder Cummins NH220 motor powering a Warmann 8/6 SC pump in good condition.