Deck Cargo Barge

US$1,000,000 plus any GST if applicable

Barges with 20 tonne/m2 are not common in Australia, this barge is lying in Western Australia and due her first 5 year ABS docking. The price has been adjusted for the new owner to complete the dry dock and survey.

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76.2m x 24.4m x 3.9m


2011, Singapore.

Cargo deadweight

Approx. 5,500 tonnes.

Deck load

20 tonne/m2

Deck plate

16 mm

Hull and bottom plate

12 mm

Deck fittings

1x set navigation light stands
1x diesel-driven anchor winch of 10T capacity with 1 x 2100kg Stockless Bower anchor.
56 pcs cargo satanchions
Side ladder pockets


ABS A1 deck cargo ballast tank barge.